AW23 HYENTA 6090 (PET) Blue Handtufted Rug

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C.AW23 HYENTA 6090 (PET) Blue 60×90 cm.

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Products, hand-woven rugs and hand-crafted rugs

Both are ideal home rugs. It feels soft and comfortable and is a fiber that
absorbs water more slowly than natural fibers. Proper use and maintenance of carpets
will prolong the service life of the carpets.

– Avoid outdoor use due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight This will cause the fibers
to change color or fade.

– Avoid near sharp objects, flames. or with harsh chemicals

– If spilled water or food onto the carpet Should be wiped or cleaned immediately.
To prevent the problem of stubborn stains that make cleaning more difficult.
After that, use a cloth dampened with vinegar and water. then wipe the stain again
keep looping until the stains fade

– Recommended weekly vacuuming at least once a week To help get rid of the dirt that
occurs each week. This is the main problem that causes mold, bacteria, and ingrained unpleasant odors.

* Occasional professional cleaning of carpets It is recommended *






60×90 cm.

*Length Unit Of Measure (cm.)

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