Macadamia Nuts Truffle Flavored (DoiTung Brand)

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Macadamia Nuts Truffle Flavored (DoiTung Brand)

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Product Story

DoiTung macadamia nuts are roasted and packed with great care to ensure freshness and healthful enjoyment. Macadamia nuts are endowed with beneficial nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids.

Macadamia trees are grown on the once barren mountains of Doi Tung in the heart of the Golden Triangle by people who had to rely on opium cultivation for their survival. With the work of the Doi Tung Development Project, the highland minorities now grow the macadamia which turned the mountains into lush green forests, restoring nature and ecology while providing sustainable legitimate livelihood for the people. With DoiTung macadamia nuts, the satisfaction goes beyond the crunchy tastiness, it revives the lives of both man and nature.



Product Details

Dimensions : W11 x H19 x D4 cm.
Weight : 50 g.