DoiTung ceramic

DoiTung ceramic features refined craftsmanship, exclusive shapes and patterns, and eco-friendly making. The ceramics also contribute to sustainability in the way that ex-farmers and workers have paved their ways into pottery. It is considered an elevation in skill levels – leading to a sustainable quality of life for the next generations of Doi Tung.

KASAMA Collection

As part of an ongoing partnership between DoiTung and the city of Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, Doi Tung’s young ceramic artists were sent to Kasama on a study programme at the Kasama College of Ceramic Art in Kasama. The training served to enhance their knowledges of ceramic art to share with the new generation of artists in Doi Tung, and to elevate Doi Tung’s ceramics products to international standards. This will help bring Doi Tung products into the realm of unique art collectibles.