Calathea sp.

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Calathea sp.

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Calathea sp.

Planting Materials:
5-inch pot, 1:1 combination of coco peat and coconut coir

Care Guides:
– Prefer little sunlight; avoid direct sun exposure
– Prone to root rot; daily watering; avoid over-watering
– Apply Osmocote fertilizer three times monthly OR spray 21-21-21 Water Soluble Fertilizer
evenly over plants once or twice a month OR apply one teaspoon of Osmocote 14-14-14 Slow-Release Fertilizer per pot
every three month OR apply other plant supplements as seen fit

Care Tips: Once delivered, the plant should be given a day or two to rest prior to transplanting

*Image Disclaimer: The product images shown may not be an exact representation of the product.
The product’s condition is varied based on delivery distance and durations.

-Free registered shipment for THB 1,000 purchase
-The product images are for commercial purposes only. The actual product may vary in terms of shape and foliage, and will consist of 5-7 leaves or more.
-Once received, the parcel should be recorded in video in case of return/refund due to damage.
-Due to preparation of the plants, the product will be shipped within three working days after purchase completion.
-The product will be firmly ensconced in a fall-proof packaging to minimize damage during shipment.
Estimated Delivery Date:
-Bangkok and nearby areas: 1-3 days
-Other provinces: 3-5 days