Microsorum punctatum Mermaid Tail

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Microsorum punctatum Mermaid Tail

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Microsorum punctatum Mermaid Tail

Microsorum punctatum Mermaid Tail, bred and farmed in Doi Tung Development Project, Chiang Rai Province,
is an air-purifying houseplant that shares common features with the Asplenium Antiquum Leslie.
Apart from being the smaller version of the Leslie fern, the Mermaid Tail also boasts beautiful wavy edged fronds,
and belongs to both shady indoors and outdoors.

Planting Materials: coco peat

Care Guides:
– Prefer little sunlight
– Daily watering
– Apply Osmocote fertilizer three times monthly OR spray 21-21-21 Water Soluble Fertilizer evenly over plants
once or twice a month OR add a half teaspoon of compost per pot three times monthly

Care Tips: Monitor closely for signs of care needed. Leaf scorch or dried leaf is due to either dehydration or
over-exposure to the sun. Weak and too-long leaf is caused by either insufficient light exposure or too small pots.

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and will consist of 5-7 leaves or more.
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